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1 Purpose of the service

Allego provides private transfers to individuals or professionals customers, booking private vehicle with a chauffeur.

Service : Transport charged kilometer from the headquarters to the destination.

Client means any legal or natural person who enters into the contract of carriage .

Passenger means any person traveling or physical access to Allego services.

Driver means any person authorized by the company and autorities to perform Allego transfer service.

2 Access to Service


Customers wishing to request a taxi Allego must  phone 334 50 080 080 during business hours  ( 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day) . Pre- booking can also be made online through the www.allego-transfer.com - site or by mail to resa@allego.fr

Reservation is required to access our vehicles.

A reservation number will be sent upon confirmation of your order. Access to our services leads to a full and unreserved acceptance of our terms and conditions .

3 Rates

The rate is established upon receipt of geographic information and complete schedules. It is sent upon confirmation .

The selected route will be defined according to the criterion of " fastest route " by the navigation software .

Everything started kilometer is due.

The tariff shall incl VAT rate applicable is 10%

Any additional stop on the trip will be charged 5 euros.

If prolonged , and depending on the availability of the driver, an extra 0.50 euros per minute stops will be charged.

Allego reserves the right to change prices without notice .

4 Conditions of payments

The taxi fare is paid directly to the driver by credit card or by cash.

Companies can benefit from special conditions of payments. Weekly billing will be published , covering all services performed in this period. Payment will be made upon receipt of invoice and shall in no case exceed 30 days from the date of issue. All outstanding invoices at reception will be applied a penalty of an amount equal to ten times the legal interest rate .

5 Conditions waiting drivers

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the necessary time his travel and must be observed punctuality appointment.

Drivers society Allego can not wait more than 7 minutes when supported. After this time, and without notice to the customer , the driver is released from its obligation to transport and considers the canceled reservation. Service ordered will be charged in full.

If the customer calls to announce a delay and keeps the race price 1 euro per minute wait will be added to the price of transportation subject to the availability of the new time slot desired .

6 Cancellations

All cancellations must be made as soon as possible.

In case of cancellation:

- Less than 1 hour before departure theoretical , 100 % of the service booked will be charged.

- Less than 24 hours before the time of theoretical departure, 50 % of the benefit will be charged

7 Liability

Any claim shall be admissible only if it is expressed in a letter addressed to the AR with Allego seat within eight working days after the date of delivery . Allego undertakes to make every effort to ensure the transport of passengers in the  safest best and safest conditions . Allego not be held responsible for delay " force majeure " related to the hazards of traffic or missed appointments because of incomplete or unspecified adress and will not give  any indemnity . It is the customer to provide the time needed to transport and to develop it according to the potential hazards of transport. Allego is guaranteed by a significant insurance company that covers the risks associated with its business . Passengers are covered for personal injury, material and immaterial they may suffer during a traffic accident, since the rise in the vehicle (the whole body in the vehicle) to their descent (the whole body lying outside the vehicle), except for damage caused by his fault.

In case of damage to the equipment or vehicle by the passenger , any repair or change equipment, whatever the causes, will be charged to the customer.

9 Luggage

In case of baggage weighing more than 5 kg per passenger weight , it is essential to mention it when booking .

Luggage and their contents are not the responsibility of society Allego, especially for fragile objects or values , or change in , or in transit. Allego disclaims any responsibility for personal belongings left behind in cars . The total volume of luggage must not exceed 40kg .


9 Transport Security

Chauffeurs drive in keeping with the Highway Code . Passengers must respect the following safety rules : no smoking, drinking alcohol or eating during transport. It is also illegal to transport flammable, toxic, explosive, corrosive, and any prohibited substance. It is forbidden to release his seatbelt, to agitate or have an attitude that may affect the safety of the chauffeur.

Failure to observe these prohibitions is the responsibility of the customer and the passenger. Allego then reserves the right to use any kind of action, by agreement or litigation, which deems necessary. Allego reserves the right to change or cancel a travel if the safety of the passenger or the driver is not guaranteed, without compensation or refunds possible .

 10 Litigation

These Terms and Conditions are subject to French law. The Commercial Court of Annecy is the only jurisdiction to try any trade dispute or controversy .